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Dome’s Project Team will equip you with industry knowledge and project-specific information. We will lead and assist you through the process of renovations and restorations with minimal interruptions.


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Dome’s crew’s utilize best practices in renovations while adhering to Ontario Building Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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Good Morning Rami and Ray,

I would like to let you know that the work completed for the common area wall renovation project has come along nicely. The new crew you brought in to complete the project was very professional and detail oriented. The condition of the walls improved significantly and we are happy to say that we are satisfied with the outcome.

Though I haven’t inspected this week, I believe the only thing outstanding is completing installation of the carpet base as well as carpet cleanup along the edges of some of the carpeted floors. Please let me know if I’m not up-to-date on the status of things.

Additionally I would like to comment on your professionalism. You both ensured the work be completed to an acceptable degree and demonstrated a concern for quality.

It has been a pleasure working with you!

We will be in touch soon to settle the bill and discuss further projects with Dome Services Group.


Ana Smith | Community Development Coordinator

Sick Kids, Center for Community Brain and Mental Health

Dome Services Group have done construction projects for Sick Kid’s, Center for Community Brain and  Mental Health. 

The work completed included major renovation work at two of our main buildings.

President Mr. Ray Tehaili and his project team completed the jobs within strict timelines.

The Scope of Works consisted of flooring replacement throughout our entire facility, asbestos abatement and kitchen renovations.

They were flexible in the hours of work to accommodate our clientele and operating hours.

When asbestos (hazardous material) was discovered during the renovations, Dome’s team took action to maintain safety and keep the project schedule on time and within budget.

Dome Services Group is capable of handling the major renovations and meet our needs as a health care facility in Toronto.

Annabelle Rocha – VP Corporate Services and CFO

Matrix Non-Profit Housing Corporation (Guelph)

Matrix recently hired DOME Services Group (“DOME”) to supply and install windows, patio doors, front entrance doors as well as new roofing at our properties. President Mr. Ray Tehaili, along with all of those working under him, have been extremely professional and have been providing excellent customer service not only to the management staff, but also to the tenants, which is something that is very important to us.

DOME is and has been managing the sub-contractors very well and the projects have been done with care and precision. Timelines have been very clear and adjusted when necessary and communication has always been very open and consistent throughout the projects. Any questions that have come up along the way have always been dealt with in a very timely manner.

Not only has the workmanship been exceptional, but they have also been working very efficiently, to the point that not only are they keeping to the schedule, but are currently ahead of the schedule.

Matrix has been extremely satisfied with DOME and would highly recommend DOME Services Group for any capital projects their company would qualify for in the future.

Connie Savoy – Property Manager | Art Kollee – President, Board of Directors

Sand Hills Cooperative Homes (Kitchener)

On behalf of the Sandhills Cooperative Homes Inc. we would like to provide out positive feedback with regard to Dome Services Group, on the excellent customer service they provided during the installation of a perimeter fencing project at 250 Chandler Drive, Kitchener.

Their fencing installers and site supervisors were very professional, worked tirelessly in the heat and responded promptly to all of the service requests we made.

They made recommendations for alterations to the installation for the benefit of the site, due to underground wiring issues.

We were satisfied with the deadlines being met as promised, the final inspection issues were addressed within 2 days by the General Manager and after the workers left the site the clean up was immaculate.

We would highly recommend Dome Services Group for any capital projects in the future.

Thank you.

Ellen Gerow – Property Manager

Dome Services Group

Dome Servies Group

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