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Customer Satisfaction is Our Passion

From the moment Dome Carpet first opened its doors in 1989, Ray, the founder and owner, devoted his time and attention to serving customers. In addition to providing carpeting solutions, he worked to expand his vendors’ and suppliers’ network to include additional product lines and services to meet their growing needs.

Necessity led to expansion, however, as removing outdated and damaged carpets and flooring brought with it the discovery of water damage, mould, and indications of structural damage. In order to protect his customers and maintain the level of quality Dome Carpet was known for, Ray expanded his services to include remediation, abatement, and finishing, ensuring that he could deliver the best of the best to his clients. Soon after, Dome Services Group was formed, and over 30 years later, is continuing to provide solutions and products no matter the project. Our partnerships with some of the industry’s finest trades professionals allow our team to serve customers whether they require structural, aesthetic, operational or construction services.


We’ve Set the Standard on Quality and Safety

Why reinvent the wheel when you’ve already found perfection? We are committed to offering the best of the best, but some things will never change- how we treat our clients and partners.

We are privileged to be able to serve the GTA and surrounding communities. From the moment you reach out to our team, we work with you to determine your needs, understand your vision, and develop a strategy you can be confident in. Dome Services Group is built on family values, and when you choose to work with us, you become a part of that family.

Let us show you how our years of experience and passion for perfection can assist you with your next project.

Our Team of Dedicated Professionals


Ray, Founder and President

From the moment Dome Carpet first opened its doors, Ray has been committed to his clients’ success and well-being. Producing great work requires a high level of dedication, so when carpet installation led to discovering damages and safety issues, Ray was quick to expand his offerings to ensure clients were able to feel secure once again. Ray leads his team at Dome Services Group with the same level of dedication and commitment, offering a one-stop-shop for remediation and refinishing needs. In addition to leading his team, Ray enjoys travelling with his wife, spending time with his grandchild, and working on his golf swing.

Rami, Senior Project Manager

As a project manager for Dome Services Group since 2013, Rami brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He firmly believes that to serve others, continuing education is crucial. Rami’s passion for learning and developing his skills has been recognized in the industry. He holds certifications in project management, mould remediation, water damage restoration, structural drying and more. Rami is an avid reader and loves spending time with his wife and family.
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Imad, Estimator and Project Manager

Imad, a graduate of Structural Engineering from George Brown College, works tirelessly to prepare and collect information required by the team, no matter the project’s scope. Imad’s influence spans far and wide from gathering proposals, blueprints and specifications to identifying labour, materials, budgets, and time requirements. When he is not bringing together the necessary information and documents needed for a project to begin, he spends his time at the gym and with friends.
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Nora, Sales and Marketing Specialist

Nora has expertly implemented a number of measures to increase sales, establish greater brand recognition, and assist in positioning Dome Services Group as a leader in the industry. Her passion for the construction and renovation industry led her to change career paths and join the family business. When Nora is not working to share Dome Services Group’s story and industry influences, she spends her time outdoors, practicing yoga and cuddling her Bengal cat Leo.
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Marite, Office Manager

Marite knew from the very beginning that working for a general contracting company would be both challenging and satisfying. Her commitment to serving the ever-changing needs of customers and team members can be seen every day. Her outstanding talents and passions play an influential role, and her organizational skills are something to be revered. In her spare time, Marite embarks on road trips, visiting professional baseball stadiums for a game or two. When she is not travelling, she can be found playing softball and testing out new recipes.

We Are More Than a Team

Dome Services Group is comprised of passionate individuals who come together to create an atmosphere where every person can thrive and develop their skills. Establish your position in the industry by becoming a part of the DSG family.

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