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Quality, Professional and Transparent Solutions

Our team brings exceptional service and the highest quality materials together to craft exterior spaces that meet your unique needs and overall vision. Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager, who will be your go-to person for corresponding with vendors, tradespeople and suppliers. We provide support and knowledge from start to finish and detailed reports, so you know exactly when your vision will come to life. Clear communications, quality products and incredible results are our promises to you!

Shingles & Flat Roofing

Installing a new roof, whether it be sloped or flat, requires a team of talented professionals who know the intricate details of your building, location, materials, and future plans. Flat roofs are increasing in popularity due to their ability to become a “living space” yet sloped roofs remain to be a classic structural design. Our team will work with you to source the appropriate materials, establish realistic timelines, and implement solutions that grow with your business. Rely on the best to deliver the best, and rest knowing you have created a space that is protected from the elements all year round.

Siding & Cladding

The premises in which you operate is a direct result of an intricate building envelope that brings together the complex network of framing, sheathing, windows, and so forth. Siding or cladding systems bring each exterior element together, creating a solid, water-tight structure that promotes energy efficiency and longevity. Our experienced installers have worked with a vast array of materials, including vinyl, slate, wood and brick, and consider every detail when installing siding or cladding. People notice the attention to detail, and we ensure that every inch of the exterior of your building showcases the best it has to offer.

Eavestroughs & Downspouts

Most business owners fail to notice the condition of their eavestroughs and downspouts until it is too late. Rather than be met with water damage, erosion and a compromised network of pipes, work with our team to inspect, fix or install eavestroughs and downspouts that work for the benefit of the building. If you are unsure of what to look for when spotting potential water damage or defects, reach out to us. We will inspect and determine the next steps that are suitable for maintaining the quality and construction of your property.

Asphalt, Paving, & Concrete

We are in the business of considering the elements of your property that may tend to go unnoticed. Parking lots, sidewalks, and walkways are a responsibility that is best left to the professionals, as installing asphalt, concrete and paving are an artform all their own. Prevent concrete from blistering, cracking and becoming raised or uneven, by trusting our team to manage the process for you. We implement the best materials and utilize innovative techniques to create an exterior space that will continue to serve your customers and employees for years to come.

Windows & Doors

They say that you can learn alot from windows and doors, as they reveal the personality of a building, whether it be a family home, a rental unit, or a commercial business. Revolving doors, energy efficient systems, skylights or wall to wall windows, our team is able to source the appropriate solutions for your home or business that bring your vision to life. Our installation teams have worked with the most complex of systems, and bring their vast knowledge and experience to every contract they complete. Allow us to coordinate shipping and handling, installation, testing, and the final finishes, while you watch the exterior of your home or business transform in front of you. Tell us what you need, and we will ensure that our work delivers every time.

Water Proofing

Protect the exterior of your premises with waterproofing solutions that work! Water damage can occur at any time of year, and not only damage the exterior of your property but cause interior damage that can cause you to question the structural integrity of your home or business. Prevent water damage from occurring with our suite of preventative solutions that consider the environmental surroundings, age of the property, and overall use. Through working with our team to protect your property from the elements, you can extend the lifespan of your home or business and rest knowing that you are providing a safe space for your family, tenants or employees.


Privacy, security, aesthetic appeal- there are many reasons as to why you would choose to install fencing around the perimeter of your home or business. Yet, there are specific materials to choose from, bylaws to abide by, and environmental conditions that must be considered. Our team will assess your property, recommend materials, and work within the boundaries of your local municipality to ensure that any work that is completed, is appropriate for your area. Trust our professionals to manage the project from start to finish and offer a level of protection and service that brings confidence. Transform the exterior of your property with fencing solutions that work, every time.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, typically used to hold back soil and prevent erosion, are utilitarian in nature. Seen alongside highways and in steep sloping areas, they have a specific function- to add stability and protect your property from damage no matter the elements. Our experts go beyond the basic function of a retaining wall, and offer a unique approach to the installation, style, and functionality of the structure. From specific materials to integrated design elements, to crafting a statement, we take the construction and installation of retaining walls to the next level.

We Deliver Exceptional Work, Every Time.

Your home or business are not only important to you; they are important to us. We work alongside you to discover the potential of a space, create a design plan that meets your needs, and deliver a completed project that showcases the industry’s finest at the highest of quality. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Your Trust is Our Number One Priority

When you choose to work with us, you choose quality, expertise, transparency and a devotion to crafting interior and exterior designs that perfectly match your vision. With one of our highly talented project managers by your side every step of the way, you will be able to have an intimate understanding of the project from start to finish.
While typical construction and finishing services are a dime a dozen, Dome Services Group prides itself on offering unique services and a hands-on approach that allows you to see your vision come to life. We believe in establishing a partnership with every customer we interact with and welcome you to experience our unique and professional offerings.


  • "Dome Services Group is and has been managing the sub-contractors very well and the projects have been done with care and precision. Timelines have been very clear and adjusted when necessary and communication has always been very open and consistent throughout the projects. Not only has the workmanship been exceptional, but they have also been working efficiently, to the point that not only are they keeping to the schedule, but are currently ahead of schedule."

    - Matrix Non-Profit Housing Corporation

  • “The project has been the largest and most complex of our housing co-operative to-date and I must say that the members were very nervous about the interruption in their daily lives that such a project would potentially cause. Ray you and your team of professionals made the five month during which the project took place not only bearable but incredible. Your team was polite, understanding and very accommodating; Congratulations!”
    - Agnes MacPhail Community Co-Operative Homes

  • “Dome has risen to every request with great poise, and a great deal of receptivity. The level of customer service provided to the Co-Op throughout this project is unparalleled. Ray and his team have regularly visited the work site providing superior supervision of workers, and regular communication with our office. The Dome team has responded proactively to all our concerns, and provided us with clear, thoughtful advice on how to work past challenges that we have had in coordinating such a large project... On behalf of the entire Co-Op community, we offer our ardent endorsement f the professionalism and workmanship that has been provided by Dome Services Group.”
    - Eamon Park Housing Co-Operative

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