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Quality, Professional and Transparent Solutions

Our team brings exceptional service and the highest quality materials together to craft interior spaces that meet your specific needs and overall vision. Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager, who will be your go-to person for corresponding with vendors, tradespeople and suppliers. We provide support and knowledge from start to finish and detailed reports, so you know exactly when your vision will come to life. Clear communications, quality products and incredible results are our promises to you!

Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. It is a place where you can make memories and spend time with family and friends. We understand how important your home is and every detail that goes into making it truly unique to you. Our team will work with you to source the best possible materials and pair these with our expertise to create a space that meets your needs. From installing cabinets to updating plumbing to finishing floors and walls, we will transform your kitchen from top to bottom with a team of professionals by our side. Granite, marble, porcelain, quartz, wood or brick, no material is a mystery to us. Go ahead and plan your dream kitchen; we are here to make your design concept become a reality.

Bathroom Renovations

Considered to be one of the most utilized rooms in a home, a bathroom should provide for your needs without question or compromise. Whether you are updating bathrooms for employees or looking to rejuvenate the bathroom within your own home, we will provide our knowledge of residential and commercial design specifications throughout the entire project. We consider your budget, available space, and overall vision and create a complete framework of the materials and solutions suited for the task at hand. No project is too complex when you choose to work with our team.

Flooring & Finishing

From restoring and refinishing existing wood flooring to installing carpets or inlays, our team brings knowledge, design experience and industry-leading techniques to every project. Our installation crews have worked within the most sensitive environments and will assist you throughout the process to ensure you are pleased with the end result. Our team is able to source materials from leading providers around the globe and find the perfect solution that meets your vision. We not only focus on the final finish, however, but also work to ensure that the correct supports, subflooring, adhesives, and so forth are in place. Step into your new space with confidence.

Interior Remodeling

Make any room feel like new by bringing out its best features! Our interior remodelling services include updating electrical (contracted out to ECRA/ESA licensed electrical contractors) and plumbing, installing or removing room dividers, painting and refinishing surfaces, and putting in place the final touches to ensure it is move-in ready. We believe that every room should be utilized to its full potential and work with you to design and envision a space that truly meets your specific needs. Exclusive features are our specialty as we are able to bring together the expertise and knowledge of tradespeople with the quality products of our suppliers to meet any design requirement. Go ahead and imagine a new space crafted just for you.

Unit Turnovers

Unit turnovers are essential to the residential, commercial and hospitality industries. They provide new tenants with the opportunity to enter a space that has been refreshed, refinished and designed for them. Individuals can rest easy knowing that their new home is well constructed and suited for their lifestyle, for however long it may be. We work alongside building owners and property managers to increase the longevity of their units and ensure that all updates are not only completed to the highest level of quality but that they provide a greater return on investment. We understand that customer satisfaction is key when it comes to leasing units and managing a portfolio of investment properties and will work with you to continue to offer the best to your tenants.


It’s always incredible to see just how much a coat of paint can transform a room. Whether you are looking to redesign a space starting with the wall colour or are freshening up a room that has seen better days, we offer painting services that you can benefit from. Our team of experts can assist in refinishing walls before that first coat of paint is applied and carry their knowledge throughout the entire painting process from baseboards to crown moulding. When you leave a room in our capable hands, you can rest assured that you will walk back into it, utterly amazed at the transformation and level of quality.

Building Corridors

Are the building corridors in your commercial property or institution outdated and ineffective, rather than an asset? Our team specializes in transforming wasted space into a fully utilized area that makes an impact. From constructing building corridors to your exact specifications to applying the highest quality of finishings, we deliver a functional space that both team members and visitors will notice. Every building corridor has a specific purpose and must be designed for that purpose in mind. Our team will source appropriate materials, collaborate with experienced tradespeople and partners, and manage the entire project from start to finish.

Office / Commercial Renovations

Offices have evolved both in design and functionality over the years. Gone are the days of cubicles and outdated technologies; instead, we welcome unique working spaces filled with special design features, the latest innovations and above all, personality. Allow our team to manage your commercial renovations in every capacity. Lighting, flooring, moveable walls, glass inserts, wall finishings, we will manage the details so that you can focus on what you do best; running your business and serving your customers.

We Deliver Exceptional Work, Every Time.

Your home or business are not only important to you; they are important to us. We work alongside you to discover the potential of a space, create a design plan that meets your needs, and deliver a completed project that showcases the industry’s finest at the highest of quality. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Your Trust is Our Number One Priority

When you choose to work with us, you choose quality, expertise, transparency and a devotion to crafting interior and exterior designs that perfectly match your vision. With one of our highly talented project managers by your side every step of the way, you will be able to have an intimate understanding of the project from start to finish.
While typical construction and finishing services are a dime a dozen, Dome Services Group prides itself on offering unique services and a hands-on approach that allows you to see your vision come to life. We believe in establishing a partnership with every customer we interact with and welcome you to experience our unique and professional offerings.


  • "The President of DSG has evolved our renovations program by taking it to the best-in-the-industry class- a complete key turnover. We have found not only the workmanship to be exceptional, but the crew have worked in an efficient, tidy, professional and timely manner. The suites are given back to us, spotless ready for moving into."

    - Hollyburn Properties Limited

  • “We have found working with DSG to be an absolute delight. Their Senior Project Manager assigned to over see the work was exemplary; polite, knowledgeable and quick to respond to tenant issues and solve operational issues as they arose without disruption to the tenants or work schedule”
    - Cordova Corporate Homes

  • “At all times, Mr. Ray Tehaili, President, and his team, proved to be responsive and attentive. Considering the challenges of completing this project while units were occupied in the context of a global pandemic, VPM found Dome to be solutions-focused and pleasant to work with. We are pleased with the workmanship, but above all, found the workers to be courteous and accommodating of the tenants in very difficult circumstances.”
    - Victoria Park Community Homes

  • “We wish to thank you for the assistance and guidance that has been provided by Dome Services Group... As you know, our facility, Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf is extremely sensitive when work is conducted around our residents and staff; I am delighted to say that you and your team performed above and beyond our expectations in this regard... we would certainly recommend the services of DSG to any potential clients”
    - Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence

  • “Ray and his team completed the jobs within strict timelines. They were flexible in the hours of work to accommodate our clientele and operating hours and are capable of handling the major renovations and meet our needs as a health care facility”
    - Hincks Dellcrest-Centre

  • “We wish to thank you for the assistance and guidance that has been provided by Dome Services Group... You have always followed through on your commitments...we would certainly recommend the services of DSG to any potential clients”
    - Le Germain Hotel

  • “I have worked with the staff and contractors of Dome Services Group for more than two years and have no reservation in recommending them... I consider them to be professional, detailed and responsive to any concerns that might arise during the execution of any project we commission them to do. Their staff is very respectful and listens to us on matters concerning our building.”
    - Senior Persons Living Connected

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